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Dr. Marissa Kiepert Truong supports students as the individual learners that they are so that they can gain effective strategies for a lifetime of confidence in their abilities.

Meet Dr. Marissa Kiepert Truong

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Marissa is a learning specialist working in private practice who is passionate about helping students become confident in their skills. With extensive experience in early childhood, doctoral level training in Educational Psychology, and advanced training in researched-based multisensory methods of learning, she empowers students to reach their full potential and achieve success in school. Her process involves identifying a child's unique needs through assessment, engaging strengths, and customizing educational goals and lessons to optimize academic progress. Her practice is conveniently located in Paoli on the Main Line.

Welcome to AFF Learning! I am passionate about helping children become confident learners at an early age. With over 20 years of experience in the fields of education and psychology, I have developed a unique, holistic approach to support academic growth and social-emotional learning. My approach is grounded in preventative strategies and multi-sensory experiences that promote active engagement in the learning process. Knowing that each child is a unique learner, my programs include individualized plans specific to each child’s needs, ability, and learning style. Schedule a free consultation today to unlock your child’s full potential!  

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"I advocated for my son’s school to test him for dyslexia in Kindergarten, and the evaluation indicated that he has a language-based learning disorder. I approached Dr. Kiepert Truong as a friend, but she's now also our advocate and partner. She's provided sound advice to interpreting reports and IEP recommendations. She's implemented researched-based tutoring strategies (Wilson's Fundations, LiPS) to address reading and writing that complement the OG strategies he receives at school. She's provided frequent progress monitoring embedded within lessons - this gives me peace of mind around his progress and that we are addressing the correct areas. She's holistically honest about what goes well and what does not after each session. Dr. Kiepert Truong has been more than just a learning specialist but is part of my village to best navigate and understand my son, the unchartered territory of his challenges, and the variety of resources available." 

"We tried everything to get our busy, strong-willed PreK son to work with us at home when he needed a little extra support outside of school to meet certain milestones and be Kindergarten ready. We eventually reached out to Dr. Kiepert Truong for help. She evaluated him and we developed an early intervention plan together that included her tutoring him one-on-one. After just a few weeks of individualized support, she not only had him “caught up” to where he needed to be, they surpassed it and she even taught him to read! Our son is Kindergarten ready thanks to Dr. Kiepert Truong. More importantly, she helped him gain the confidence in himself and his abilities that he desperately needed and so deserves."