Dr Kiepert Truong's Publications


Levin, D. S., Thurman, S. K. & Kiepert, M. H. (2010). More than a memory: The nature and validity of working memory in

      educational settings.  To G. Davies and D. Wright (Eds.), Current Issues in Applied Memory Research.  Psychology Press. 


Toppino, T. C., Fearnow, M. D., Kiepert, M. H., & Teremulla, A.C. (2009).  The spacing effect in intentional and incidental free recall

      by children and adults: limits on the automaticity hypothesis.  Memory & Cognition, 39, 316 - 325.


Thurman, S. K. & Kiepert, M. H. (2008). Issues and concerns in conducting applied cognitive research. In S. K. Thurman & C.A.

      Fiorello (Eds). Applied cognitive research in k-3 classrooms. New York: Routledge/Taylor and Francis.



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Dr. Kiepert Truong, Early Childhood Learning Specialist & Consultant

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