Early Intervention & Tutoring

At A First Foundation Learning, Dr. Kiepert Truong's interventions help children gain the experiences necessary to build the appropriate brain connections at a young age. She works with students ages 3 through elementary school who are identified as "at-risk" before they fall behind. 

Using her extensive training and experience in such research-based programs such as Wilson Fundations®, Lindamood-Bell LiPS® , Reading with TLC™ Lively Letters™, and The Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum, individualized sessions can address achievement gaps in such areas as reading, spelling, and phonological/phonemic awareness, and speech.

In addition, based on a child's individual needs, sessions can target such skills as handwriting, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and mathematics. 


The process begins with a free consultation and intake that discusses a child's needs and developmental/academic history. A student's skills are assessed in 1 - 3 sessions. Results are summarized in an in-depth report and Dr. Kiepert Truong develops a customized education plan based on identified strengths and needs. Some plans may include recommendations for 1-session per week, while others may include multiple sessions per week.


Initial Assessment Sessions (includes report): $135 per hour

Per the 1/2 hour: $40*

*plus the cost of necessary workbooks.

Elementary School Student