Executive Function Coaching

Executive function skills help us take purposeful action to get things done. In this 9-lesson program, Dr. Kiepert Truong helps adolescents gain the skills that they need to transform their lives, succeed in school, and get work accomplished. Utilizing such curricula as Seeing My Time - Visual Tools for Executive Functioning Success and The Zones of Regulation - A Curriculum Designed to Foster Self-Regulation and Emotional Control, students will learn:

- The connection between brain and behavior

- Emotional vocabulary 

- Tools for time management 

- Tips for organizing their homework/papers

- How to initiate tasks and stay on track

- Strategies for regulating and controlling emotions

In addition, students will gain skills in working memory, sensory processing, emotional regulation, and metacognition. 


Lessons are typically held once per week for 1.5 hours for 9 weeks. Not only will students learn tools and strategies to use on their own, but they will be supported and assisted during this time with their own schedules and homework organization. Students and parents should expect some practice on skills outside of lessons.


$125 per lesson plus the cost of workbooks*

*inquire about group lessons up to 3 students.


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