Kindergarten Readiness

Give your child a head start! Entering Kindergarten with the necessary skills, sets a child up for success that can carry through to later school years and on into life. A First Foundation Learning offers preparation, evaluation, and consultation as your child approaches Kindergarten.

Preparation for Kindergarten – “On My Way To K” Program

Many young children benefit from individualized or small group attention in a private setting, regardless of whether they have attended preschool or have not. Dr. Kiepert Truong's services are aimed at developing the whole child using hands-on, engaging methods of learning that are evidence-based and designed to help children make a smooth transition into the Kindergarten year.


Instruction focuses on:

  • Literacy skills such as speaking, reading, writing, and listening

  • Language skills such as vocabulary

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Social-emotional skills such as self-regulation and emotional control

  • Mathematical skills such as number sense, algebraic thinking, geometry, and data analysis


The On My Way to K Program includes initial consultation, an in-depth evaluation using informal and formal assessments (please note this involves approximately 2 sessions), detailed report with recommendations and an individualized education action plan outlining your child’s strengths and needs that will be targeted in lessons. At the end of every session, Dr. Kiepert Truong will give a 5-minute recap to parents of the skills covered. Progress testing will also be incorporated into each customized plan.

Kindergarten readiness sessions are 1 hour in length, one to two times per week.


General Pricing:

Initial Consultation – free

Comprehensive Evaluation with Report and Customized Educational Plan – $275

8-session individualized program, 1 or 2 hours per week - $640*

Progress Monitoring and “Report Card” at the end of 8-lessons – included

*please inquire about group rates or packages. At the end of 8 sessions, families can

opt into another 8 lessons.




Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation and Consultation

Are you curious about your child’s skill sets and development as he/she enters school? Are you making the tough decision about whether your child is “ready” for Kindergarten or needs another year of growth in Preschool?


My comprehensive evaluation includes assessment of:

  • Motor Skills

  • Ability to Comprehend and Follow Oral Directions

  • Visual Memory and Visual Attention

  • Academic Skills

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Vocabulary

  • Behavioral Regulation

  • Phonological Processing

  • Early Literacy Skills

  • Early Mathematics Skills

  • Early Language Skills

  • Overall Academic Achievement

  • Adaptive Skills


The process also includes:

  • Review of any IEP or specialist reports

  • Developmental history

  • Parent Interview/Feedback/Questionnaires

  • Review of preschool progress reports, and/or interview with the child’s teacher, and/or classroom observation by Dr. Kiepert Truong


All assessment results as well as data collected through interviews and observations are summarized in an in-depth report that provides recommendations and, if necessary, further referral. Parents will also receive a 30-minuate consultation to discuss the evaluation and considerations as well as options for Kindergarten.

Evaluations are for the purposes of gathering information about a child’s progress with the intent of making appropriate recommendations; they are not intended for a diagnosis.


Comprehensive Evaluation (approximately 6 hours of data collection), In-Depth Report, and Consultation - $1,500.

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