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Children can be more successful in their learning when challenges and difficulties are identified, especially at an early age. A First Foundation's screenings and assessments are intended to provide parents with recommendations and to help them understand their child's strengths as well as identify areas that may benefit from support or additional referral.

Dr. Kiepert Truong offers comprehensive assessment that helps to identify a child's learning profile, processing ability, and academic achievement. The assessment process includes review of  academic records, developmental history, prior evaluations, and current IEP (if applicable). 

Types of Assessments Offered

Testing occurs over a period of multiple sessions and may include informal and standardized assessment in: phonological processing, phonemic awareness, achievement in math and reading, Kindergarten readiness skills, decoding/encoding skills, reading fluency, handwriting and letter formation, and social emotional development.


What to Expect

Results of the assessments are summarized in an in-depth report and in-person meeting. The written report will outline results complete with an interpretation, recommendations for next steps, possible school accommodations, and a customized plan of intervention/remediation (if necessary). In some cases additional testing by a psychologist may be recommended. Screenings and assessments are not intended for making a diagnosis.  

Pricing and Scheduling

Since each child's battery of assessments is unique, pricing varies. Please contact Dr. Kiepert Truong at 917.589.9887 for more information, or schedule a free consultation to discuss your child's needs.

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What People Are Saying

We had our PreK son evaluated by Dr. Kiepert Truong after a progress report from school indicated he was struggling reaching key milestones. Dr. Kiepert Truong made the evaluation process so easy and enjoyable for our son - and also for us as parents! She is such a clear, effective and thoughtful communicator. While some specialists may hand over complex evaluation reports and leave you scratching your head, Truong takes out the guesswork and breaks it down for you in such a concise and useful manner. She went above and beyond with very specific recommendations based on her findings. The clarity, expert advice and peace of mind provided by Dr. Kiepert Truong has been invaluable.