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Would you like to know about your child's learning strengths and areas that need growth?

A First Foundation Learning offers comprehensive assessment for young children that helps to identify a child's learning profile, processing ability, and academic achievement. The assessment process includes review of  academic records, developmental history, prior evaluations, and current IEP (if applicable). 

Testing occurs over a period of multiple sessions and may include informal and standardized assessment in: phonological processing, phonemic awareness, achievement in math and reading, decoding/encoding skills, reading fluency, handwriting and letter formation, and social emotional development.


Results of the assessments will be summarized in an in-depth report and in-person meeting. The written report will also include recommendations for next steps, school accommodations, and a customized plan of intervention/remediation (if necessary). In some cases additional testing by a psychologist may be recommended.  

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Dr. Kiepert Truong, Early Childhood Learning Specialist & Consultant

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