Social-Emotional Skill Development

Social-emotional skills are of utmost importance, especially in today's world, and are every bit as part of a child's development as cognitive learning. Having strong social competence and emotional well-being helps a child to become successful in school, and most importantly, sets the stage to be successful in life. It is never too early or too late to help your child learn the skills needed to feel confident in their own skin, to interact and communicate appropriately with others, and to support emotional control. 

In a 12-week course* that utilizes lessons from such curricula as The Zones of Regulation ® , Second Step, and the Social Skills Intervention System (SSIS™), Dr. Kiepert Truong  helps children of all ages to:

  • recognize, label, and regulate their emotions,

  • develop empathy,

  • build a positive self-identity, 

  • develop self-control to respond appropriately in conflict and non-conflict situations,

  • regulate sensory needs,

  • communicate with others,

  • and learn how to respond in socially appropriate ways.

Her program includes play-based methods for younger students and interactive role playing for older students.


Intake form and questionnaires are completed by the parent prior to the start of the course. Lessons are 45-minutes in length. Parents will also gain an understanding of how to implement strategies at home. If your child has food allergies and you are looking to help him/her gain the confidence needed for navigating and advocating for himself/herself, ask about how food allergy education can be incorporated into this program! 


12-week program = $800 (please inquire about group pricing)

*classes may be completed once per week for 12 weeks, or twice per week for 6-weeks.

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